We’re technology professionals, and being good at our jobs means that our clients can focus on what matters the most in their line of work.

DMDS provides services to a broad selection of industries from healthcare, government, finance, agriculture, and light industrial concerns. We specialize in equipping smaller businesses with enterprise-class IT infrastructure. Our product portfolio ranges from on-site support, cloud-hosted business phone, virtual desktop infrastructure, and disaster recovery with a variety of customizable plans that can be easily tailored to your needs.


A solid infrastructure can be the difference between efficiency and obsolescence, and we’ve got more than a few ways to help you hit your goals.


Real-time pricing and communication keep you out in front of weather changes, commodity prices, and shifting markets.

We maintain HIPAA and HITECH compliant data storage and private cloud solutions making our services a prime choice for healthcare providers and insurers.



The markets may open and close, but we’re always there making sure that you’re plugged in and ready to take advantage of even the slightest moves.


Our team of certified professionals can help your city, township, or community organization with secure cloud hosting and outsourced support.


A full menu of managed services backed by a staff with decades of IT experience will keep your small business up and running.

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